Women’s Volleyball Season Recap

Women’s Volleyball Season Recap

By Nick Porter

BUENA VISTA, Va.—The Southern Virginia University women's volleyball team finished 8-15 overall this season, under the direction of second-year head coach Nicole Gwynn.

In her first season in 2015 the Knights finished 7-21.

"I was really happy to see us take a step up from last year.  Although it was a small step, it was a step in the right direction and it can only get better from here," Gwynn commented. "The season was filled with moments of brilliance and showed that we have great capabilities and a very bright future."

Part of the bright future is having no seniors on the team, and being able to return every player next year.

Hitters Penny Gwynn and Hannah Allred led the team with 274 and 263 kills, respectively. Allison Tiegs also recorded 184 kills.

"Penny, Hannah and Allison were our most consistent and reliable hitters this year," Gwynn continued. "Alexandria Felkins and Morgan Starkie also stepped up during the season and started to shine."

Valerie Baety and Hannah Hosier also contributed greatly to the team, "doing a great job running the court from two crucial positions."

This season Baety hit her 1500th career assist, and recorded 575 assists with a career high of 50 against West Virginia Tech.

The Knights finished the season 8-15 with a conference record of 3-6, with wins over Frostburg State, Penn St.-Harrisburg and Wesley.

"The next step from here is to keep the core together and continue to recruit great athletes.  We've started to earn some respect from our competition and now it's time to start earning more by winning through more strength and consistency."