Knights Have Big First Day at Marlin Open

Knights Have Big First Day at Marlin Open

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Southern Virginia University women's tennis team opened the Marlin Open by winning twelve of fifteen total matches against Virginia Wesleyan University on Friday afternoon.

The Knights started with strong performances in doubles, earning wins in all four of the opening matches. The returning duo of Alyssa Sewell and Morgan Blount led Southern Virginia as they took down the No. 1 team from Virginia Wesleyan, 8-4.

Southern Virginia dominated in singles as they won five of the seven total points. Wins included a tight 8-7 win from Annie Aldrich, an 8-0 win from Kelly Worthington, and an 8-4 victory from senior Natalie Tetterton.

In additional doubles matches, the Knights went on to win three of the four points. Freshmen Danielle Behunin and Michele Valentine both earned their debut wins for Southern Virginia. Behunin teamed up with Alyssa Sewell for an 8-2 victory, and Valentine paired with senior Audrey McBride for an 8-4 victory. The senior tandem of Elizabeth Fuchs and Lauren Lefrandt earned the final point of the day for the Knights, winning 8-4.

Southern Virginia will play in the second day of the Marlin Open tomorrow morning as they will take on teams from Bridgewater College.

VWU vs. Southern Virginia (Doubles Flights Rd 1)

  1.  Morgan Blount / Alyssa Sewell (So Va) def Christine Zalameda / Alexa Brewster (VWU) 8-4

  2. Elizabeth Fuchs / Lauren Lefrandt (So Va) def Lyric Hinton / Anna Rogers (VWU) 8-4

  3. Audrey McBride / Natalie Tetterson (So Va) def Aubree Johnson / Taitum O'Brien (VWU) 8-3

  4. Kelly Worthington / Leeanne Aldrich (So Va) def Amanda Stegmann / Shanice Simmons (VWU) 8-0

VWU vs. Southern Virginia (Singles Flights)

  1. Morgan Blount (SoVa) def Christine Zalameda (VWU) 8-4

  2. Alexa Brewster (VWU) def Elizabeth Fuchs (So Va) 8-6

  3. Alyssa Sewell (So Va) def Anna Rogers (VWU) 8-1

  4. Lyric Hinton (VWU) def Audrey McBride (So Va) 8-6

  5. Leeanne Aldrich (So Va) def Taitum O'Brien (VWU) 8-7

  6. Natalie Tetterson (So Va) def Amanda Stegmann (VWU) 8-4

  7. Kelly Worthington (So Va) def Shanice Simmons (VWU) 8-0

VWU vs. Sourthern Virginia (Doubles Flights Rd 2)

  1. Morgan Blount / Elizabeth Fuchs (So Va) def Christine Zalameda / Alexa Brewster (VWU) 8-2

  2. Alyssa Sewell / Danielle Behunin (So Va) def Aubree Johnson / Anna Rogers (VWU) 8-2

  3. Lyric Hinton / Taitum O'Brien (VWU) def Leeanne Aldrich / Jenna Hinkle (So Va)  8-4

  4. Audrey McBride / Michele Valentine (So Va) def Amanda Stegmann / Shanice Simmons 8-4