Women’s Tennis Tops Ferrum for Second Victory of Season

By Luke Christiansen

FERRUM, Va.—On the road, the Southern Virginia University women's tennis team defeated Ferrum College Thursday afternoon, 5-4, at the Burrows-Skeens Tennis Courts in Ferrum, Va.

The event opened with doubles competition as Southern Virginia defeated Ferrum 2-1. Lauren Morrison and Katelynn Tlustek fell to FC's Rebecca Harbeck and Kyra Schultz, 8-6, before Micah Roberts and Kirsten Laurence defeated FC's Rachel Belcher and Kelsey Nicely, 8-4. Freshmen Anna Evans and Kari Stollenwerk prevailed 8-5 in a hard-fought battle with FC's duo Ali Miller and D.Arcineigas-Davila.

In singles play, Morrison fell to FC's Harbeck by a 8-6 score while Roberts defeated FC's Belcher, 8-1. Kyra Schultz of Ferrum defeated Laurence, 8-4, and FC's Nicley defeated Tlustek 8-6. Southern Virginia's Anna Evan defeated Ali Miller 8-6, while Kari Stollenwerk defeated Ferrms Arciniegas-Davila 8-2 to close the meet.

Women's tennis next competes on Saturday, Mar. 15 at home against CAC foe Mary Washington. The match is slated to begin at 4 p.m. in Buena Vista, Va.


Tennis Match Results

Ferrum College vs Southern Virginia University

Mar 13, 2014 at Ferrum, Va.

Ferrum College 4, Southern Virginia University 5



1. Rebecca Harbeck (FCW) def. Lauren Morrison (SVUW) 8-6

2. Micah Roberts (SVUW) def. Rachel Belcher (FCW) 8-1

3. Kyra Schultz (FCW) def. Kirsten Laurence (SVUW) 8-4

4. Kelsey Nicely (FCW) def. Katelynn Tlustek (SVUW) 8-6

5. Anna Evans (SVUW) def. Ali Miller (FCW) 8-6

6. Kari Stollenwerk (SVUW) def. Daniela Arciniegas-Davila (FCW) 8-2


1. Rebecca Harbeck/Kyra Schultz (FCW) def. Lauren Morrison/Katelynn Tlustek (SVUW) 8-6

2. Kirsten Laurence/Micah Roberts (SVUW) def. Rachel Belcher/Kelsey Nicely (FCW) 8-4

3. Anna Evans/Kari Stollenwerk (SVUW) def. Ali Miller/D. Arcineigas-Davila (FCW) 8-5