Men's Tennis Dominate Marlin Invitational Day One

Men's Tennis Dominate Marlin Invitational Day One

 VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.— The Southern Virginia University men's tennis team opened up the Marlin Invitational on Friday, winning 14 of the 15 possible points against both Virginia Wesleyan University and Washington College.

The Knights (2-0), opened up play with singles against Virginia Wesleyan. Marcos Dias and Andrew Blonquist at the No.'s 1 and 6 spots both crushed their opponents 8-0, and Kukutla Motlojoa added an 8-1 win at the No. 2 flight. The Knights had close matches at the three, four, and five positions, but managed to win all of them, sweeping the Marlins.

Next, the Knights matched up against Washington College in doubles. The Knights swept them as well, dropping only six total games between the three matches, including an 8-0 win at the No. 3 spot by Ben Spencer and Ethan Sherwood.

The last round of the day came as the Knights matched up against Washington College in singles. Marcos Dias finished first at the No. 1 spot, downing his man 8-0. Tanner Bassett finished next as his opponent was forced to retire due to cramps. Seniors Ben Spencer and Kukutla Motlojoa added convincing wins for Southern Virginia, taking down their opponents 8-3 and 8-4 while Daniel Blonquist earned the Knights last point of the day, showing some grit as he came back from a 5-1 deficit to earn an 8-6 victory.

The Knights will compete in the second day of the Marlin Invitational tomorrow Sept. 28, as they will open play against the doubles teams from Hampden-Sydney College. 

Singles Flights

A- Marcos Dias (SVU) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-0
B- Kukutla Motloja (SVU) def Mitchell Perry (VWU) 8-1
C- Daniel Blonquist (SVU) def Andreas Combos (VWU) 8-4
D- Ben Spencer (SVU) def Anthony Wilson (VWU) 9-7
E- Ethan Sherwood (SVU) def Henry West (VWU) 8-7 (7)
F- Andrew Blonquist (SVU) def Nick Gunther (VWU) 8-0
G- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-0
H- Christian Gruyon (WC) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-4

A- Marcos Dias (SVU) def Landon Strober (WC) 8-0
B- Kukutla Motloja (SVU) def Paul Eisenmagen (WC) 8-4
C- Daniel Blonquist (SVU) def August Meriot (WC) 8-6
D- Ben Spencer (SVU) def Kyle Hickey (WC) 8-3
E- Andrew Province (WC) def Ethan Sherwood (SVU) 8-6
F- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Andrew Smith (WC) 1-2, ret.
G- Christian Gruyon (WC) def William Stoddard 8-0
H- Mitchell Evans (WC) def Ezra Blasi 8-3 

Doubles Flights

A- Motloja/D. Blonquist (SVU) def Eisenmagen/Meriot (WC) 8-1
B- Dias/A. Blonquist (SVU) def Hickey/Smith (WC) 8-5
C- Sherwood/Spencer (SVU) def Gruyon/Strober (WC) 8-0
D- Evans/Province (WC) def Bassett/Stoddard (SVU) 8-5