With the semester over and everyone home for the summer, the SVU Men's Lacrosse team is looking forward to the start of fall. Every year SVU Lacrosse grows and improves, and this fall will be the start of an exciting year. A strong recruiting class will join many returning players for a fall semester of preparation to make playoffs in the spring.

Head Coach Chad Mahaffey gave out a work out schedule for the summer at our last team meeting, and will email it to all who wish to come out in September. Start now to get in the gym, on the track, and on a wall. Coach Mahaffey wants to waste no time focusing on individual talent; building team offense, defense and chemistry will be his focus for the fall. If you have not recieved this work out schedule, email Coach Mahaffey at

I hope everyone is looking forward to fall ball. We have teams from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky preparing to visit Buena Vista this fall for tournaments. Let's work hard, so we can play hard come September.

- Tom Trammel
SVU Lacrosse President