Knight's Lacrosse NEW Home

The Southern Virginia University Knights are very excited to announce the opening of the new athletic facility just east of campus. Although the complex is not fully complete at this time, the brand new Field Turf field is complete and after a couple weeks that the field must settle and compact before play of any sport begins.

The field will be one of three fields at the complex by the completion date of August 7th. The lower two fields will be natural grass fields. The turf field will be the practice sight for the Men's and Women's Soccer teams, the Men's Lacrosse team, and the Football team. The field will also accommodate all home games for the Men's and Women's soccer and Men's lacrosse teams. We are all very excited to see these fields be completed and eagerly await the opening day for the fields.

The Men's Lacrosse team is eager as well, scheduling 2 round-robin tournaments in the fall during the months of September and October on the turf. The team has contacted and recieved very excited responses from many teams. The times and dates for these two Saturday events should be posted soon. We hope everyone will be excited for the games and many will be in attendance as the team is shaping up to be a very good and strong team this year.

We have many incoming freshman from across the United States, and we will begin to have profiles posted so all can see the talent coming in as Knights for the 09-10 season.