Sybrowsky Names 79 Scholar-Athletes to President's, Provost's Lists

BUENA VISTA, Va.—Southern Virginia University President Paul K. Sybrowsky recently announced the recipients of the President's and Provost's List honors for students who excelled academically in spring semester 2014.

A total of 79 scholar-athletes were represented on the lists, including 23 on the President's List. A description of each honor is listed below:

President's List 

The President's List, compiled at the end of each semester, includes all full-time students who achieved a semester grade-point average that places them in the top 10 percent of current students.

Provost's List 

The Provost's List, compiled at the end of each semester, includes all full-time students who achieved a semester grade-point average of 3.50 or higher. 

The list below indicates the 79 scholar-athletes named to the Provost's List with an asterisk placed next to the 23 also honored on the President's List.

Southern Virginia University Scholar-Athletes Named to Provost's List

Ashley Ahlgren – Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse

Brennan Alford – Men's Tennis

Reilly Anderson – Women's Soccer, Softball

CJ Andrus – Baseball

Jared Attridge* - Men's Basketball

Taylor Bahr – Men's Basketball

Kelsey Bair – Softball

Mike Bangerter – Men's Lacrosse

Xavier Banks – Men's Basketball

Jacob Behan* – Football

April Bennett – Women's Volleyball

Alicia Blackham* - Women's Soccer

Meghan Blackham – Women's Soccer

Adam Blocher – Men's Tennis

Brian Blocher – Men's Tennis

Elizabeth Bonney – Women's Lacrosse

Zach Bowers – Men's Tennis

Zoe Bradshaw* – Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse

Autum Bronson – Women's Soccer

Cooper Brown* - Men's Tennis

Ben Canevari – Men's Basketball

Randi Cline* - Women's Soccer

Justin Cooper – Baseball

Paige Crittenden – Women's Basketball

Max Doxey* - Men's Soccer

James Drasbek* - Wrestling

Katie Durrant – Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis

Kaitlyn Eaton* – Women's Volleyball

Preston Eaton – Men's Basketball

Bruce Eisenhauer – Football

Zach Englert* - Football

Keaton Epps* - Football

Lillian Epps – Women's Lacrosse

Anna Evans – Women's Tennis

Wesley Evans – Men's Basketball

Justin Gonzales – Football

Patrick Gonzalez – Men's Cross Country

Kadie Hair – Women's Basketball

Josh Hall – Wrestling

Aaron Hiatt* - Men's Basketball

Shawn Honeycutt – Football

Kora Jewell* - Women's Soccer

Declan Johnson – Men's Soccer

Keenan Johnson – Baseball

Corey Jones – Men's Basketball

John King* - Baseball

Jacob Lamb – Men's Lacrosse

Kirsten Laurence – Women's Tennis

Sam Lefort-Jones – Women's Lacrosse

Bryan Lorenzen – Football

Makenzie Lundquist Cox – Women's Soccer, Softball

Bryndel Lytle – Women's Soccer

Mitch Mantle – Baseball

Garrett Maw – Men's Soccer, Men's Lacrosse

Maia McArthur – Women's Soccer

Amanda McAfferty – Women's Lacrosse

William Mellor* - Football

Tatiana Monsen* - Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball

Lauren Morrison – Women's Tennis

Benjamin Neff* - Football

Wright Noel* - Wrestling

McKenzie Packard* – Women's Volleyball, Softball

Eric Palmer – Men's Soccer

Lora Palmer* - Women's Soccer

Sean Porter* - Wrestling

Kevin Prince – Men's Cross Country

Emma Schroeder* – Women's Soccer

Nathan Seeberger – Men's Soccer

Merissa Smith – Women's Lacrosse

Phil Soelberg* – Men's Tennis

Darian Sorensen – Women's Lacrosse

John Stanton – Baseball

Kari Stollenwerk – Women's Tennis

Kyle Tyree – Men's Soccer

Michael Ward – Cross Country, Men's Basketball, Men's Lacrosse

Ryan White – Men's Basketball

David Winslow – Football

Alysa Winter – Women's Soccer

Tod Workman – Football


*Denotes President's List