Knight Vision: George and Adric Howe

Knight Vision: George and Adric Howe

BUENA VISTA, Va. — George and Adric Howe are brothers playing on the Southern Virginia men's basketball team. George, a sophomore who contributed solid minutes off the bench during the 2019-20 season, is an athletic wing with a nice outside shooting stroke. Adric, a freshman who was a four-year starter in high school, is a guard with great ball-handling and quick feet on defense. We recently sat down with the Woodbridge, Virginia natives to talk about basketball and their relationship.

How is it playing basketball at Southern Virginia with your brother?

George: "It's been really good, the chemistry is definitely there. When we're on the same team in practice we're able to play off each other well because we played together in high school, but when we're not it's fun to compete against each other."

Adric: "It's very fun because me and my brother, we've been playing together since we were very young. So our chemistry is there. We're always on the same page and we just know how to get each other going. I feed off his energy and he feeds off mine and we just get going."

When you were growing up, did you used to fight all the time or did you get along?

Adric: "We got along."

George: "We got along very well. We did everything together."

Adric: "We never fought. There was never anything serious."

George: "If we fought, we'd make up in 3 seconds."

Who is the better dunker?

George: "Me."

Adric: "I can go between the legs, so it's me. I'm the better dunker."

George: "I can too. I can go between the legs off of two feet."

Adric: "You know what? I'm the better dunker because I'm shorter."

George: "No, don't say that. I'm the better dunker."