Savannah Uri Women's Soccer

Savannah Uri Women's Soccer

Senior Savannah Uri plays goalkeeper for the Southern Virginia University women's soccer team. She currently sits third in the Capital Athletic Conference in total saves with 30 while also just coming off a career-high 14 saves against nationally ranked Christopher Newport. We were able to meet with Savannah and ask her questions to get to know her better.

Who and what got you interested in soccer?

"My older brother introduced me to the sport. He started playing when I was little and so I grew up with his involvement. I then as a result started to play and kept with it. I really have came to enjoy the soccer and the positive influence it has had on my life."

How did you hear about Southern Virginia?

"Several years ago, Southern Virginia had a booth at a Timeout For Women and my mother and I went over to check it out. Southern Virginia wasn’t on my radar growing up or even in that moment but my mom kept asking questions. I remember all I took was a lanyard from the booth and then we headed home. Later I was able to get in contact with the soccer coach and then I made the decision to come out." 

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?  

"Yes, I always write on my wrist with a sharpie an aspect of the game I would like to improve. I also always stand in front mirror and hype myself up before stepping on the field." 

What do you enjoy most about the women’s soccer team?

"I like the way that we can push each other. Practice is great because we are competitive with each other and we know to accomplish our goals we have set. I also enjoy them because they laugh at my jokes."

What life-lessons has playing goalkeeper taught you?

"For me, I had to learn a new position because I never played goalkeeper before college. I have seen that doing difficult tasks allow yourself to reach a new distance each time and from that you are able to overcome adversity."

What are your future plans after Southern Virginia? 

"I plan to take a gap year then apply to a PA school where I would like to become a physician's assistant."