Knight of the Week: Jessica Simpson

Knight of the Week: Jessica Simpson

How did you become interested in running Cross Country?

“My brother Riley had aksed my mom if he could go for a run when I was younger, so I did what any little sister would do and followed him. He easily could see me following him and invited me to run with him. The run was for about 5K,  and it was hard and I had to stop and walk. When we were made it a good distance out my brother said he forgot something and we needed to hurry back home. I ran back home and did not stop, completing my first distance run. My brother suggested I was good and then I started running with him more consistently. He was my first coach and inspired me to join XC and break 20 minutes in the 5K.”

What brought you to Southern Virginia?

"I got a call from Coach May last year with interest of me coming out and running. Originally I wanted to go to BYU, but I had a hard time in big classrooms. My dad suggested checking out Southern Virginia and my dad thought it was a good place to attend. I came out and fell in love with school and all the activities I have been able to be associated with."

What have you enjoyed the most about your time as Southern Virginia?

“The students. I have felt that despite what your likes are we all get along. I love the theatre department. They are a family to me. The first day I came on campus older seniors came up to me and were so welcoming. My experience here has been very inclusive and has given me a comfortable experience."

What have you enjoyed most about this season so far?

"I have never had such a great connection with a team before. I love my team. They are are a humble group of women that build each other up. Morgan has been a good example in practices and at meets by inviting and encouraging me throughout the season. Our team cares more about us as a team than the success of us as individual."

What have you learned about yourself through running?

“I can do hard things. Failure is not the end. My senior year of high school my goal was to make it to state cross country. I spent most my time on this goal, training and putting in a good amount of work. At districts, I hit my splits broke my goal time of 20 minutes but missed qualifying by two seconds to compete at state. This experience relates in all the aspects of my life because you fail at one thing it doesn’t mean that it is over. You get back up and try again and better yourself.”