Senior Zac Bowers plays on one of the winningest programs since Southern Virginia joined Division III, men's tennis. He has been a staple for the continued growth and progression of the program's fourth consecutive winning season. We were able to sit down with him and get to know him better. 
How old were you when you started tennis? Who and what got you interested?
"I started tennis when I was 12. Several of my good friends had signed up for a tennis camp and I thought it sounded like a fun sport to pick up. I had grown tired of playing soccer and I wanted to find another passion. After the camp, I taught myself how to play watching YouTube and spending every bit of free time I had on the courts."
What brought you come to Southern Virginia?
"I wanted to get away from home and have new experiences. Virginia was far enough away for me to do that and grow as a person. Another thing I loved was the area. I loved how close Southern Virginia is to Washington, DC and New York City. You just don’t get that proximity on the west coast."
Do you have any pre-match/in-match rituals? 
"I used to have a lot more rituals than I do now. Usually I will just listen to something fun and easy. If I listen to something too intense I get anxious and make worse decisions on court so I try to relax and just enjoy the moment."
What do you enjoy most about your team?
"The best part about my team is all the success we have had. We have all been a part of some great victories. We have tallied team wins over several NCAA Division II schools, my partner and I recorded a win over a NCAA Division I doubles team, and we are regionally ranked this year because of everyone’s hard work. Everyone on the team is extremely motivated to win and the success has made the experience even better."
What life-lessons has tennis taught you? 
"Tennis has taught me the importance of self-reliance. On the court, you are completely responsible for your actions. No one can bail you out or rescue you if things go south. It is a lesson you only get in a handful of sports but has been essential for my success at school and in my professional career."
What are your future plans?  
"After graduation, I will be working for Southern Virginia University in marketing. I am also preparing to apply to MBA programs in a few years once I have enough work experience. My wife and I love the east coast and woud love to stay on this side of the states."