Knight of the Week

Knight of the Week

Senior football player John Mellor has been named this week's Knight of the Week. Mellor is from Colfax, Washington, where he grew his passion for football.

John first participated in football when a team was started in fifth grade. He took to football growing up in a small town, with coaches asking players to come out and play. "Other than the coaches, my brothers and friends all played which led me to want to play," said Mellor.

He came to Southern Virginia University after his two older brothers both attended the university. 

"I had heard the school was great and they have pre-medical classes and programs and of course the ability for me to keep playing football," added Mellor.

John has played in each season as a Knight. Last week he led the team in total tackles with 10. The success he credits to the preparation of practice and the mental preparation that is required and taking the time to watch film. 

He is inspired to accomplish his goals by his father.

"My dad has been a great role model for me, he never played football but he did not need to because he has shown me how to live life." 

After Southern Virginia, John plans to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically surgery.