Knight of the Week

Knight of the Week

Jacob is from Herriman, Utah, where as a young kid he started playing soccer and basketball. When asked about why he started playing soccer, Jacob said "Soccer and basketball were the things I found to be most enjoyable. My friends were playing, and I just enjoyed being on the field." 

After high school, Jacob went to play soccer at Salt Lake Community College, and that is where he started to think about where he would go next. Since SLCC is only a two year school, Jacob needed a new place to go, and thats when his lifelong best friend Alec Johnson came in. Jacob says that without Alec constantly telling him how amazing Southern Virginia is, he probably would've never considered coming here. But in Jacobs' words, Southern Virginia was a new start for him, and just what he needed. 

This past season had its fair share of ups and downs, but there were some positives according to Solis. He told us, "The most memorable part of the past season was just getting to know the guys. Becoming friends with each other, and being able to create those bonds with some awesome people." He also thinks that next season could be a great success but they will need to improve on some things like work ethic, and just keeping their heads up. 

Jacob was ranked fourth in saves this season in the nation. The success he has had this past season is attributed to the fact his coaches have been able to get him into shape, and that he has been able to mentally prepare for each game with the right attitude.

After he finishes school here at Southern Virginia University, Jacob said that the main thing he would like to work on doing is starting a Youth Club, in which he can help kids from low income areas have a place to go to have fun and play sports. He considers this to be a very important part to helping the younger generations learn a lot of valuable lessons, and be able to develop some very fond memories that can help them throughout their lives.