Knight of the Week

Knight of the Week

By Mike Myers

Seth Hanson, senior running back on the football team, is the Knight of the Week. Seth scored Southern Virginia’s opening touchdown last week on a 13-yard rush to help lead the Knights to their first NJAC win of the year over William Patterson. As a team captain, Seth consistently demonstrates a passion for the game around his teammates. That enthusiasm has also led him into a sports-marketing internship with the university, as well as a weekly sports podcast. 

“Seth Hanson has been a great asset to our Football program,” said head football coach Joe DuPaix. “Seth is a great leader that embraces hard work and dedication. He is a leader-servant that has put the team first. He will leave Southern Virginia University as a grown man, and will be a major influence on others throughout his life!”

Watch Seth’s Knights of SVU Video.

Where are you from?
I grew up in San Diego, California. I moved around a lot, but I moved there when I was 10. Then I left on my mission from there.

Where did you serve an LDS mission?
I served in Billings, Montana, which covered a chunk of Wyoming as well. My whole mission was getting to hang out with ranchers and teach cowboys the Gospel. It was pretty fun!

Where else have you gone to school?
I originally went down to a junior college in San Diego for one semester, and then I transferred up to BYU-Idaho. I was there for four semesters and that is where I met my wife. We got married and then I did two semesters at Boise State. I still really wanted to play football, so I ended up getting in touch with some coaches here, and my wife was all for it, so we came!

Do you have a favorite football team?
It’s pretty much my life. I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan, which is awful right now. I’m pretty obsessed with the team, and it never stops. The first summer we were married, we actually drove out and my wife let me go to a training camp practice.

What positions have you played at Southern Virginia?
Last year I was playing fullback, which is running more inside. This year I’m playing A-back, which is one of the pitch guys who runs on the edge. Last year, we had some punting issues, so coach said, "if you think you can punt, come out here." The last time I punted was actually in 8th grade! But he had me start punting, which is actually a pretty scary thing to do. It was a good and fun experience, but I’m glad I’m not doing it again this year.

How do you feel about the direction of the program?
It’s tough for people who don’t really understand football because all they will see is a win-loss record and judge a program off of that. But without a doubt, Coach DuPaix is pushing us in the right direction. He’s establishing a culture of accountability, hard work, and toughness. But he also helps us become good men off of the field, and he won’t compromise standards for anything. I think next year, you’ll start to see it pay off in the win-loss column. 

What makes Coach DuPaix different from other coaches you have played for in the past?
I’ve loved my other coaches, but Coach DuPaix is always looking at the positives of everything. In the morning, when it’s sometimes 35 degrees, he’ll bring the team together and say, "Where else would you rather be? It’s 35 degrees. We get to practice in the mountains.” He’s constantly reminding us that we have to be real, true, and honest men in everything we do. He talks about that about as much as he does football.

Who’s the most influential person in your life?
My family is the most important thing in my life. My mom is an angel on earth. She’s been through so much, and she’s so faithful to the Gospel. She has this amazing capacity to love those around her. I’ve always used her as an example for that. My older brother and I went through some hard times down in San Diego. We were even homeless for a little while. He’s my best friend, I would literally do anything for him. 

What is your major?
I’m a politics major by default because when I transferred out here, it was the fastest track to graduate with. I knew that I wanted to play football, and my plan was to eventually become a coach. I coached in Boise for a year before coming here. I’ll do some broadcasting for some games here in the spring. I also have a sports podcast that I do with a buddy every week. Dallin Wilcox knew I had that podcast, so he reached out to me over the summer and asked if I wanted to do a sports marketing internship with the school.

Check out Seth’s “Gut-Check Podcast”

What would you like to do for a career?
It became pretty apparent early on that I wasn’t going to make money playing football, so I thought I’d coach. I just love football so much that it scares me to have to give it up. Honestly, my dream job would be to have a sports-talk radio show and also coach my local high school team. I could not think of anything better than that!

Who’s your favorite sports radio host?
Ryen Russillo, because he keeps it real. He’s not super politically correct all of the time and he just says what he’s feeling. He’s really funny and he cracks me up. I think I relate to his opinions the most.

What would you want to say for a student-athlete looking to come here to play football?
As far as football goes, you just have to trust the process. Coach DuPaix has been successful at everything he’s done. I have no reason to believe that this will turn out any different. He’s so driven, and he wants to build good men. But don’t let that confuse you in the sense that he still loves to win. He wants to be known as the best coach and I respect him for that. Coach DuPaix is going to take it to the top and you’ll do things that SVU has never accomplished. If you can play, Coach DuPaix will find a spot for you.