Knight of the Week

Knight of the Week

By Michael Myers

Few married couples can boast the athletic success found in Coulson and Miklain Hardy. Their stellar play is just one of the many reasons why they are the Knights of the Week.

"Our families just know that in any sport we play together, Coulson’s just going to be the best at it,” says Miklain. “Everyone wants him on their team."

Included in ‘everyone’ can be two coaches at Southern Virginia University. Along with being a guard on the men’s basketball team where he averaged 16.8 minutes per game this season, Coulson is also a contributing member of the university’s golf team.

Coulson was a team captain in basketball at Olympus High School in Utah, as well as a state-qualifier in golf. He also happens to be pretty stellar on the tennis court too. One would be hard-pressed to find a sport that he couldn’t quickly learn how to succeed in.

So what motivates him to accomplish his goals?

“I think my wife inspires me to work hard” he commented. “She is the hardest worker I know.”

Following four years on the varsity team in high school, Miklain was recruited to play lacrosse at the University of Detroit Mercy. After a year there, she decided to serve an LDS mission in Houston, Texas, speaking Spanish. She is now a team captain on the women’s lacrosse team at Southern Virginia. Her effective leadership has played a major role in the Knights’ improvement this season. Miklain also has competitive horseback riding and the St. George marathon – twice – on her resumé.

Coulson and Miklain came to Southern Virginia University together after transferring from the University of Utah, but their story began several years prior. After some time of being “just friends,” they began dating in their senior year of high school. Upon Coulson’s return from an LDS mission of his own in the Dominican Republic, they picked up where they left off and were soon married.

Now, Coulson is majoring in biochemistry and has plans to eventually operate his own dental practice. Miklain is a Spanish major and is open to the idea of possibly becoming a seminary teacher. Most important to her, however, is family.

“Coulson is the world’s best husband,” she says. “He is so kind and loving; I couldn’t do it without him.”

They both share similar sentiment in regards to their experience at Southern Virginia.

 “If a student wants a spiritually-uplifting experience that includes your school and teammates being your family, then that’s what you’ll find here,” Miklain continued. “It’s incredible to have the Spirit involved in everything you do”

Whether on the field, court, or on the golf course, fans can quickly spot the Hardy’s based on their determination and success. But as impressive as their athletic accomplishments are, even more admirable is their ability to live Christ-like lives and exemplify what it truly means to be a Knight.