Knight of the Week

Knight of the Week

By Michael Myers

Bailey Rusick, a business management and leadership major, is a captain on the Southern Virginia University women’s golf team and the Knight of the Week. In her first competitive match since high school, she placed fifth overall in the Capital Athletic Conference Fall Preview on September 11 & 12, with a two-day score of 171.

"I'm thrilled to have Bailey be the captain of our women's golf team,” head golf coach Blair Garner commented. “She is a born leader and has a strong work ethic. We are lucky to have someone like her to be an example to our young team about being a well-rounded student-athlete."

Watch Bailey's Knights of SVU video.

How long have you been playing golf for?
I played golf competitively for four years, but I started in the seventh grade…so about eight years now.

How was your first match of the season?
I did pretty well for my first tournament back. I wasn’t too happy about the first day, but I was able to cut back a few strokes and improve on the second day. I haven’t competed competitively in a while, so now I can just work up to the next level and keep pushing forward.

Was it a hard moving from Utah to Virginia?
Yes, it was hard when I first came out here, but it was also really enjoyable. It forced myself to come out of my comfort zone, to make friends. It also helped me to grow into the person I needed to be and to prepare me for my mission. I will promote this school until the day I die.

Where did you serve your LDS mission?
I served in the Adriatic North mission which included Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?
If it is throughout the school day, I'm always in Jonzzey's. I like how upbeat it is there, and I like how people go there to be with their friends, and they have the best cookies! 

Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My career path and the type of person was really influenced by my world religions and philosophy teacher in high school, Mr. Attwood. He changed my life. He changed the way I thought, the way I performed, and my desires for education.

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Oh, I love potatoes! French fries, mashed, or cubed—and potato salad is really good too. But I also really love stuffed bell peppers. 

Do you have a favorite sport or team outside of golf?
My favorite sport is baseball, hands down. My team is Kansas City; I cheer loud and proud for the Royals. I’m a little disappointed that I was on my mission when they won the World Series, but I bleed blue.

What would you like to do for your profession?
I found that I really like to organize and plan, and I love to see the world, I am going into hospitality and event planning. This year, I am the activities senator for the school, so I am all about having fun! 

Name three people that you would like to have dinner with:
The first one would probably be Anne Frank because I love her story and I am a history nerd. Another person is Krešimir Ćosić. He played basketball for BYU and is from Croatia. Having served there, I learned a little about his struggles in joining the church. Lastly, probably a famous golfer like Jordan Spieth.

What is a goal for the golf team this year and in the next few years?
Well, I think that we have a lot of opportunities here. A lot of the other teams in our conference have about as much experience as we do, so I think that as a girls team we really have the opportunity in the next year to win the conference.

What would you say to a prospective student looking into Southern Virginia University for golf?
My teammates have actually told me that if Southern Virginia University did not have a golf team, then they would have never considered coming here. But now after coming here, they said they would still come if there was no golf team. You just have to give it a try because Southern Virginia has a lot of opportunities. I think it gives an athlete a perfect opportunity to come to a good school to receive a good education and also enjoy playing a sport.