Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee functions as an organization that promotes cooperation between the academic and athletic hierarchy in a university setting. Two scholar-athletes are chosen to represent their respective sports team(s).

The representatives have an understanding of the NCAA legislation and issues that are present in Division III athletics.  These scholar-athletes serve as a representative of every scholar-athlete at their institution, and their charge is to have every student-athlete's voice heard on the conference level. The scholar-athletes who serve on this committee are role models to all, and look to foster and promote good sportsmanship while maintaining the tenants of the NCAA Division III philosophy. 

The SAAC has many major responsibilities that include corresponding with their teams after every meeting and keeping them informed of ongoing and upcoming SAAC events.  SAAC also functions to provide a support group for every sport and serves as a network where all student athletes can come together and work toward a common goal.


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SAAC Advisors

Heather Roberts  
Phone: 503-704-1330




Tom Snelson
Phone: 574-532-2067