Athletics Philosophy Statement

Southern Virginia University seeks to provide an athletic experience that enhances the academic experience of student-athletes, promotes NCAA Division III philosophies, and supports the university’s values.

To accomplish these objectives, the university and athletic program are committed to the following:

  • Providing a robust athletic program with broad-based student participation and with balanced support of all programs.
  • Supporting student-athletes in academic pursuits, goals, and opportunities before and after graduation.
  • Attaining qualified coaches and leaders to teach, coach, and endorse the values of the university, including scholarship, accountability, enthusiasm, discipleship, and refinement.
  • Providing excellent physical care for student athletes throughout their practices and contests.
  • Operating in full compliance with the philosophies and requirements of NCAA Division III
  • Administering organized athletic competitions that are both professional and enjoyable for competitors, fans, and officials.

When evaluating all decisions, the university and athletic leadership consider the positive experience for the student-athlete as its guiding principle. We seek to facilitate an environment of excellence for both practice and performance.