Eighty-One Scholar-Athletes Named to President’s and Provost’s Lists

Written by Matthew McKinney and Sean Dahlin 

BUENA VISTA, Va.—The Southern Virginia University Athletic Department is pleased to announce that 83 scholar-athletes were honored on the President’s and Provost’s Lists for the 2012 fall semester.  

“Having that many scholar-athletes named to the President’s and Provost’s list is a true testament of the well-round individuals within our university and athletic department,” said Athletic Director Scott Y. Doxey. “Not only do our scholar-athletes enjoy success in competition, they also embody their commitment to being academically accomplished.” 

Each semester, students at Southern Virginia, who excel on an academic level, are honored and acknowledged through both the President’s and Provost’s List. 

The President’s list represents the full-time students who finished the semester with a grade-point average that places them in the top-10 percent of the school.  The Provost’s list represents the full-time students who finished the semester with a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher. 

The following is the list of scholar-athletes, within their respective athletics teams, who have been placed on the Provost’s List. An asterisk indicates that a student also is on the President’s List. 


Scott Austin
Avery Benesch
Dale Brown
Austen Hammond*
Trager Hintze
Jonathan Hodges
Tyler King
Josh Linn
Barrett Price
Jack Stanton 


Jake Behan (Wrestling)
Ethan Condiff*
Michael Goering*
Tanner Greer
Luke Herndon
Stockton Hiatt
Jordan Lee
Hayden Means
Brett Murray
Robert Robbins
David Winslow
Tod Workman  

Men’s Basketball 
Logan Barlow
Payton Brooks
Wesley Evans
Jake Fink
Issac Jacobson
Dallas Lund
Matt Reid 

Men’s Cross Country 

Daniel Fotheringham
Patrick Gonzalez*
Spencer Long* 

Men’s Soccer 

Garrett Coffman
Maxwell Doxey
Spencer Giddens*
Dakota Jake*
Zac McCulloch*
Grant Montoya
Eric Palmer
Bryce Pyrah*
Nathan Seeberger 

Men’s Tennis 

Timothy Birch
Brian Blocher
Josh Michelsen* 


Ayla Anderson
Maura Cadiente
Sarah Edwards*
McKenzy MacKay
Laura Tome 

Women’s Basketball 

Amaris Newkirk
Tabitha Stinnett
Katie Swenson 

Women’s Cross Country 

Leah Huber
Jacey Moore
Kera Neilson
Shelbi Prince 

Women’s Lacrosse 

Morgan Dignard* 

Women’s Soccer 

Jackie Barlow* (women’s lacrosse)
Alicia Blackham*
Meghan Blackham
Stephanie Blanchard (women’s lacrosse)
Zoe Bradshaw (women’s lacrosse)
Autumn Bronson
Randi Jones (softball)
Bryndel Kindred-Lytle*
Lora Palmer
Mindy Sallstrom*
Harmony Schiavi
Laura Schow
Victoria Slade (women’s lacrosse)
Raimee Stewart (women’s lacrosse)
Meagen Varney
Marva Warndahl (softball)
Amber Key-Winsor 

Women’s Tennis 

Cassie Crane
Kirsten Laurence
Devyn Matley
Courtney McNeil 

Women’s Volleyball 

Jordan Geist
Shyanne Ison


Joshua Hall
Sean Porter
Coulter Sims