SAAC Honors Fall Scholar-Athletes

SAAC Honors Fall Scholar-Athletes

Written by Sean Dahlin

BUENA VISTA, Va.—The Southern Virginia University Student Athletic Advisory Council honored its fall sport scholar-athletes—members of the football, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball teams—on Monday evening at the 2012 SAAC Fall Sports Recognition Banquet in the Stoddard Activities Center.

“It was a great event recognizing the scholar-athletes that stand as examples for what we’re all about at Southern Virginia [University],” said senior women’s administrator Deidra Dryden. “We hope this becomes a tradition for years to come.”

Within Southern Virginia University’s Mission Statement are its core values, which are scholarship, discipleship, accountability, enthusiasm and refinement. Monday night, four-year senior and co-captain of the football team Steven Andreasen was recognized as the inaugural 2012 All Core Values Scholar-Athlete Award winner for embodying all five of the core values.

In addition to Adreasen, an award was given to five fall scholar-athlete that represented each individual core value—Luke Herndon (football) earned the Scholarship Award, Jeff Waldron (football) earned the Discipleship Award, Casey Mundell (men’s cross country) earned the Accountability Award, Desiree Gentry (women’s cross country) earned the Enthusiasm Award and Bryndel Kindred-Lytle (women’s soccer) earned the Refinement Award.

The remaining Southern Virginia senior—Tyson Babel (men’s cross country), Dewayne Beamon (football), Kelsey Beck (women’s volleyball), Garrett Coffman (men’s soccer), Brenton Estorffe (football), Ryan Foster (men’s soccer), Dylan Hall (football), Robert Key (men’s soccer), Ivy Kuroki (women’s soccer), Kyle Leslie (football), Brett Murray (football), Branden Seeberger (men’s soccer), Cameron Williams (football) and Robert Williams (football)—were also honored throughout the evening.

Finally, the following were recognized for being named to the 2012 USCAA All-American and All-Academic teams:

USCAA All-American Team

Kelsey Beck (honorable mention)—women’s volleyball
Tori Faulkner (second team)—women’s cross country
Ryan Foster—men’s soccer
Adam Freeman—men’s soccer
Patrick Gonzalez—men’s cross country
Leah Huber (second team)—women’s cross country
Kara Macfarlane-Neilson—women’s cross country
Zac McCulloch—men’s soccer
Lora Palmer—women’s soccer
Branden Seeberger (second team)—men’s soccer
Jade Sorensen (second team)—women’s soccer
Tori Tuttle (second team)—women’s volleyball 

USCAA All-Academic Team

Jackie Barlow—women’s soccer
Meghan Blackham—women’s soccer
Garrett Coffman—men’s soccer
Luis Diaz—men’s soccer
Maxwell Doxey—men’s soccer
Tori Faulkner—women’s cross country
Daniel Fotheringham—men’s cross country
Jordan Geist—women’s volleyball
Leah Huber—women’s cross country
Shyanne Ison—women’s volleyball
Randi Jones—women’s soccer
Britney Jones-Porter—women’s soccer
Amber Key-Winsor—women’s soccer
Bryndel Kindred-Lytle—women’s soccer
Makenzie Lundquist—women’s soccer
Morgan Neese—women’s volleyball
Eric Palmer—men’s soccer
Lora Palmer—women’s soccer
Shelbi Prince—women’s cross country
Laura Schow—women’s soccer
Nathan Seeberger—men’s soccer
Jade Sorensen—women’s soccer