2004-2005 Awards and Honors

Team Honors


Men's Basketball

Men's Cross Country

Men's Soccer


Women's Cross Country

Women's Soccer

Women's Track and Field

Individual Honors

Adams, Lynette—Women's Basketball

Anderson, Kim—Women's Basketball/Cross Country

Brown, Shaina—Women's Cross Country

Caldwell, Chase—Men's Soccer

Dahlin, Sean—Baseball

DeNys, Lauren—Women's Cross Country

DeReus, Jenna—Women's Cross Country

Ditto, Blayre—Volleyball

Harmon, Jeannie—Women's Cross Country

Hibbert, Shalece—Women's Basketball/Women's Soccer

Hoskins, Laura—Softball

Lowe, Eric—Men's Soccer

Lyman, Noelle—Volleyball

Mann, Nathaniel—Men's Basketball

McClain, Greg—Men's Soccer

Minert, Cassie—Women's Cross Country

Nelson, Shauna—Women's Track and Field

Paskett, Lyndsie—Women's Cross Country

Pence, Taerra—Women's Cross Country

Piatt, Ammon—Men's Soccer

Pohm, Elizabeth—Women's Cross Country

Redden, Jenna—Women's Cross Country

Schramm, Christy—Softball

Schumucker, Erin—Women's Soccer

Thomas, Aubrey—Women's Soccer

Walker, Cameron—Baseball

Woods, Ben—Men's Cross Country

Worley, Cedric—Men's Basketball

Wright, Laura—Women's Cross Country

Zimmerman, Angie—Volleyball

Athletic Organizations

NAIA—National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

NCWA—National Collegiate Wrestling Association

USCAA—United States Collegiate Athletic Association*

VaSID—Virginia Sports Information Directors

*National Small College Athletic Association (NSCAA) became United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) in June 2001