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For additional information please contact the Sports Information Director, Tony Good, at 540-261-8439 or

Sports Information Contacts:

Tony Good, Sports Information Director | 540-261-8439 |

Sports: Women's Basketball, M/W Golf, M/W Lacrosse, Rugby, M/W Soccer, M/W Tennis, M/W Volleyball, Wrestling

Sam Armstrong, Sports Information Director | 540-261-8439 |

Sports: Baseball, Men's Basketball, M/W Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Softball, M/W Swimming, M/W Track & Field

General News Releases

Athletic Roster Downloads 

Fall 2020 Sports



StatCrew.FRO StatCrew.FRX Word
Field Hockey StatCrew.SRO   Word
Men's XC     Word
Men's Soccer


Women's XC     Word
Women's Soccer StatCrew.SRO    Word
Women's Volleyball StatCrew.VRO    Word

Winter 2020-21 Sports

Men's Basketball StatCrew.BRO     Word
Men's Indoor Track/Field     Word
Men's Swimming     Word
Women's Basketball   StatCrew.BRO    Word

Women's Indoor Track/Field


Women's Swimming




Spring 2021 Sports

Baseball StatCrew.TRO  StatCrew.TRX  Word
Men's Golf     Word
Men's Lacrosse StatCrew.CRO    Word
Men's Tennis  StatCrew.XTR     Word
Men's Track/Field     Word
Men's Volleyball StatCrew.VRO   Word
Softball  StatCrew.TRO  StatCrew.TRX  Word
Women's Golf     Word
Women's Lacrosse  StatCrew.CRO   Word
Women's Tennis   StatCrew.XTR    Word
Women's Track/Field     Word


Southern Virginia Athletic Logos


The official color is Pantone 202. 

Athletic Communications Policies

Photographer Policy

Only credentialed photographers will be granted access to playing surfaces. Official visiting photographers should contact the Athletic Communications Office via their institution's Athletic Communications/Sports Information Office at least 24 hours in advance. All media requests must also be made 24 hours in advance.  

To request credentials please contact Tony Good, Sports Information Director at 540-261-8439 or

Interview Policy

All media interviews with coaches, players, and athletic staff must be scheduled through the Athletic Communications Office, and take place in the presence of an athletic communications or university employee.


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